Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tribute to Chris Geiser

5 Reasons why Christianity is wrong

1. Jesus said there were pillows in the earth, but pillows are made in factories, not in the earth so that must be wrong!

2. Most Christians are abandoning their faith because they've realized that it's all a lie.

3. Richard Dawkins said Christianity is wrong and he is reliable so therefore it's wrong.

4. If God was real, how come we can't see Heaven when we look through telescopes?

5. Christians have bad personal hygiene and often smell really bad.

So, now we've proven beyond all doubt that Christianity is false, Evolution must be true.



Chris Geiser said...

I don't agree but I am sure you don't agree either about what you said.

ExPatMatt said...

Everything I said is true.

BathTub said...

He's making stuff up and making nonsensical arguments. In an effort to post like you Chris.

He did a fairly good job too.

Debunkey Monkey said...

I actually like point number 4. I assume early Christians would have argued that heaven is in the heavens (meaning outer space), but there isn't anything there.

Where exactly is heaven? This is a question no Christian can answer.

Da Bomb said...

Heaven is where God dwells :) I would have thought even atheists should know that.

As to location in realation to other things... I don't know. I don't know where the furtherest star is but I know there probably is one :)

Just because I don't know where it is does not make it a myth.


BathTub said...

It just makes the tower of babel story funnier.

"Oh Noes they make a big tower to reach...umm... the sky...I must punish them, because I am all loving."

Da Bomb said...

shamayim is the Hebrew word for heavens. It has multiple meanings BT. Get in context.

God is more concerned about the heart and obedience.

ExPatMatt said...

"I would have thought even atheists should know that".

Yet more persecution of atheists by the smelly Christians.

Heaven should be a real place (with mansions) in the sky. Why can't see it therefore it doesn't exist and evolution is true.

Stop kidding yourself and read Dawkins.

Da Bomb said...

What does evolution and Dawkins have to do with heaven?

Da Bomb said...

I can't see with my eyes the concept of "meaning" anywhere. Does that not make it real? (Not an exact analogy but you see my point hopefully)

BathTub said...

Get in Context. The point is the whole post is gibberish.

ExPatMatt said...

Da Bomb,

You should try a dictionary, you can find the concept of "meaning" in there.

Wait, are you saying that heaven is only a concept and not a real place?

Dawkins disproves heaven by proving evolution in his book 'the god delusion' you should read it.

Da Bomb said...

LOL, this is fun!

"Dawkins disproves heaven by proving evolution in his book 'the god delusion' you should read it."

President Bush goes to church therefore God is real. You should take his example.


Heaven is not a concept. Although now it is but one day it will not be :)

Mongolia is a concept to me but if I go there it will no longer be.

ExPatMatt said...

Heaven is in Mongolia?

You Christians are nuts! I mean, the Monglish would surely notice if there was an angel-guarded Fortress of Solitude in the midst of the Gobi Dessert.

Well, now that I've conclusively proved that Christianity is wrong and heaven doesn't exist and that evolution is an absolute-100%-bet-my-eternal-soul-(that-I-don't-have)-on-it-certainty, I think I'll go make a sandwich....

PS. Monglish, you know, like British? Right?