Monday, December 15, 2008

God - The Abuser

Over at Dan the Debunker's blog, I read this little exchange in the 'Ignotheists' post;

Dr. Mabuse: "Is "lying for Christ" a valid reason for lying?"

Dan: "Maybe. Is it a valid reason to lie to save a woman from an abusive husband?"

I couldn't help but think that Dan is comparing Christ to an abusive husband.

There are plenty of similarities there, I must admit, though I'm sure Dan didn't mean it this way.

God: He wouldn't send you to Hell if He didn't love you so Damned much!

EDIT: Dan has since explained that he does NOT see Christ/God as an abusive husband; just thought I'd clear that up.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What is Shared Space?

Shared Space is a philosophy of movement made famous by the late Hans Monderman, a pioneer in the field of transportation and urban design.

The basic premise is that modern attempts at controlling traffic behaviour through the use of signage, barriers, signals, lights and other instructions are counter-productive and, in fact, lead to people feeling paying less attention to what they are doing - this results in more accidents, more delay and the death of the street as a place.

The alternative is to remove the signs, make no distinction between street spaces and allow users to navigate the space based on eye contact and common sense.

Of course, this mainly applies in areas where auto usage is fairly low, but is surprisingly effective on busy streets too.

The following links are good places to learn about these things:

Wiki - Shared Space


Naked Streets

Streets used to be places where people interacted, where lives were lived and the heart of the community was found. Now we have roads and all they do is get us from A to B. Shared Space is a way of reclaiming the streets and finding a balance that does not favour one mode (cars) over any other.

Anyway, that's what Shared Space is.