Friday, August 21, 2009

Observations (with my eyes shut)

I really examined my heart this morning and, after discovering that it is an organ that pumps blood around my body and nothing more, I wandered what it would be like to be a Christian trying to throw out Science from Religion.

I realized I would have to be a very arrogant person. I would have to make myself ignorant of Reality and forget everything I ever mindlessly-parroted, though I would have to claim that I knew the truth about the universe without ever looking at the opposing side of the Bible and creationism which is Science and Reality.

I would have to be biased beyond belief and have faith in an old book that contains nothing of use and dogmatically sticks to out-dated mythologies and voodoo and can't be interpreted in the light of new information.

I would be among people who claim to be tolerant but hate Science without bothering to learn anything about it by reading entry-level books. I would have to be so foolish and arrogant (and smelly).

I hate that wrong path and people should flee far from that path and turn to Reality because Christianity is a Lie.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

5 More Reasons Why Christianity is Wrong

1. It is

2. If it wasn't then evolution would be wrong and we know (via Dawkins) that evolution is true so yeah.

3. One time I saw a 'Christian' picking his nose in church

4. If Christianity was real then everyone would be a Christian. They're not, so it isn't

5. If Christianity was true then it wouldn't be so easy for me to disprove it with these lists.

Please give up on the idiotic lie of Christianity. Pastors and ministers lie to children and tell them that if they believe in Jesus then they'll be able to fly and so the kids fall for it and get trapped in the Christian cult.

Give up Jesus and worship Darwin instead - his beard is bigger and he was definitely real!111!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tribute to Chris Geiser

5 Reasons why Christianity is wrong

1. Jesus said there were pillows in the earth, but pillows are made in factories, not in the earth so that must be wrong!

2. Most Christians are abandoning their faith because they've realized that it's all a lie.

3. Richard Dawkins said Christianity is wrong and he is reliable so therefore it's wrong.

4. If God was real, how come we can't see Heaven when we look through telescopes?

5. Christians have bad personal hygiene and often smell really bad.

So, now we've proven beyond all doubt that Christianity is false, Evolution must be true.