Friday, August 21, 2009

Observations (with my eyes shut)

I really examined my heart this morning and, after discovering that it is an organ that pumps blood around my body and nothing more, I wandered what it would be like to be a Christian trying to throw out Science from Religion.

I realized I would have to be a very arrogant person. I would have to make myself ignorant of Reality and forget everything I ever mindlessly-parroted, though I would have to claim that I knew the truth about the universe without ever looking at the opposing side of the Bible and creationism which is Science and Reality.

I would have to be biased beyond belief and have faith in an old book that contains nothing of use and dogmatically sticks to out-dated mythologies and voodoo and can't be interpreted in the light of new information.

I would be among people who claim to be tolerant but hate Science without bothering to learn anything about it by reading entry-level books. I would have to be so foolish and arrogant (and smelly).

I hate that wrong path and people should flee far from that path and turn to Reality because Christianity is a Lie.


BeamStalk said...

Matt, I would say you are describing Christian Literalism more than Christianity. Just being pedantic here.

BeamStalk said...

And yes I know it is mocking Chris Geiser's post.

Da Bomb said...


If you were actually serious about some of this (Christianity), you may find it convincing :)

ExPatMatt said...

Beams, I would acknowledge you comment in the interests of intellectual honesty...but then, that wouldn't fit with the type of post I was trying to create here!

ExPatMatt said...

Da Bomb,

I am serious. Christianity (on ALL levels) requires the rejection of reality and the embracing of delusion.

Christians are just arrogant science-haters.

It's as obvious as;

Christian + Science = Sciencehating Christian

Da Bomb said...

Hey Matt,

Yes I am back for two seconds..I just had to answer this :)

"I am serious. Christianity (on ALL levels) requires the rejection of reality and the embracing of delusion.

Christians are just arrogant science-haters.

It's as obvious as;

Christian + Science = Sciencehating Christian"

I really hope you are not serious :) (Though I assume you are sticking to the point of the post)

Since when did ALL Christians become science haters?
It is because of science that many believe.

Just wanted to point that out, about which you already know, I am sure.


ExPatMatt said...

Da Bomb,

Christians believe that God has no Creator, that nothing Created Him - He was Created by Nothing!

Christians believe that nothing created everything (a scientific impossibility) but they will refuse to admit this because they know it is intellectual suicide.

ALL Christians hate science in ALL its forms.

Dawkins said so, so it must be true.

Have a great day,

Daniel said...

This is crack up.

You are a bit of a Ray-alike there I see.

I'll have my turn to use your "type" of argument. LOL

Here, we go.

"I don't have a belief...I just dis-believe in the nonexistence of God.
I'm just unconvinced...that is it.
My relation to the non-existence of God is like my relation to Greek gods...dis-belief"


Oops...back to study.
Blogging is addictive :(

Da Bomb said...


wrong account. The past comment was actually from "Da Bomb".

ExPatMatt said...

Da Bomb,

You're just blinded from true unbelief by your self-righteousness. Like all science-hating Christians, you cling to your lack of non-belief like a pillow because you are scared of death.

Dawkins said in The Selfish Gene; "ridiculous" and I think we all know who he was talking about.

Get right with Darwin and stop wasting your life.

Lissie Darcy said...

Mr. Matt, Christians aren't science haters. Just because we disagree entirely, about evolution, natural selection, etc. etc. doesn't mean we hate science.

I have a bit more to say but I have to go, I'm late for dinner at a friends house.

I admire the patience and level headness you have in your comments. I try to be like you in that aspect :D


Brazen Hussey's said...

Oh by the way Mr. Matt, I believe I haven't properly introduced myself. I'm Lissie Darcy. I'm Brazen's daughter. I'm 15 and am homeschooled. Oh and Lissie is just my pen name.

I was wondering is it alright with you if I call you Mr. Matt or would you prefer otherwise? (You're being an adult)

BathTub said...

Call him Patricia.

ExPatMatt said...

Don't make me get the Drain-O, Bath Tub!