Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth-like planet found

Thanks to Happy Humanist for posting this article to the SMRT forums;

How awesome would it be to discover that there was life on another planet? It doesn't have to be intelligent, or even complex - just life, in all it's beauty, existing out there in the cosmos; it's enough to give me goosebumps!

Next week: Scientists discover smudge on telescope lens....


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just three little questions...

Hey all,

In this post, the Living Waters staffer Trish Ramos gives us a series of mock-ups in the style of the crocoduck. Now, this can be seen a bit of fun, nothing serious, satire.

However, the lead-in to the post says this;

"What Evolutionists would have you believe..."

This changes the tone of the post. Now she's presenting a collection of images that are supposed to bear resemblance to something to do with the theory of evolution.

Trish gets called on this;

Logic Lad: "Please explain which part of evolutionary theory supports these supposed hybrids"

Reynold: "If you actually care to learn about what evolution really is, and what "evolutionists" really figure about it, you'd do well to actually look at what they actually say."

Whateverman: "No, this is what Creationists would have you believe. The theory of evolution makes no such claims."

Trish responds with the cop-out;

"Satire friends...just satire."

A bunch of theists then go on to demonstrate that they don't actually understand the first thing about evolution, what else is new?

I decided to put Trish's role in the Great Commission to the test;


I will seriously bend my knee and accept the gift of salvation that Jesus offers if you can demonstrate the following;

a) how this post qualifies as 'satire'

b) why the images in this post misrepresent evolution, and

c) what evolution actually states with regards to transitional forms.

Ball's in your court, how much do your really care about my salvation?"

This was posted on April 17th and, as of today (April 21st), Trish has not even acknowledged the existence of my comment.

Will Trish answer?
Will I accept her answer and Christ's salvation?

Find out soon (in about 3 months at my current blogging rate!)