Monday, February 23, 2009

New Post

I just thought I'd put up a new post to say hi to my new, online, theists friends and provide a place where they don't have to post under a title that might be kind of offensive to them.

Knock yourselves out.


Oh, and Carefulwhatyousay, please check in if you can - we miss your blogging presence.


ExPatMatt said...


Where did you go?

Chris Geiser said...

Hey Expattmatt! haven't talked to you in a while.

ExPatMatt said...


Yes, that's because you banned me from your blog for being a 'hindrance to the Gospel'!

Happy Atheist's Day!

Jonathan said...

I'm curious, why do you follow religious blogs and comment on the posts? I don't you well enough to make any assumptions. I appreciate that your comments seem to always be patient and well thought out rather than emotional out bursts. It seems as if you're looking for something rather than challenging or persuading the authors and their readers.

Tiffany said...

Hey Matt,

Sure, here's my blog:! :)

Tiffany said...

Whoops, didn't quite turn out like it should have. Technology really is one to drive a person insane at times...

ExPatMatt said...


Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy the discussion that comes with theology, simple as that.

I really find the mythologies and story-telling of ancient religious texts to be fascinating (I'm a regular at a few Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist blogs too).

More than this, I'm interested in why people believe what they believe - I think it's a very interesting facet of human existence and with technologies like blogger to facilitate discussion, it'd be criminal not to get busy learning.

For your edification. I was raised in a moderate Christian home and went to a moderate Christian school. I've read the Bible multiple times and the Gospels even more so. My mother is an evangelical Christian who believes in a young earth and a literal hell so I have a vested interest in keeping up to date with these things.

I have been through several crises of faith but am now a happily settled, weak atheist ('I don't believe in god(s)' as opposed to 'I believe there is/are no god(s)')

Fire away if you have any more questions!



ExPatMatt said...


Thanks for the invite!

Gabriel said...


You're a cool cat.


Anonymous said...

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