Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blog Polls

Well, the votes are in and the verdict is unambiguous - the people who responded to my blog poll are the kind of people that respond to blog polls - even the ones that don't.

Of course, I don't have any statistics on people who did not vote on the blog poll because they don't vote on blog polls, so we'll just have to go with what we have.

This incredibly scientific process (66% of people who respond to blog polls respond to blog polls) has convinced me to keep the polls going and I'll be trying to put a new poll up each week.




Susannah said...

I took your poll, btw. I had to use 'theist' b/c you didn't offer a more specific choice. If you'd have listed 'Christian,' I woulda been happier. Your blog, though...


ExPatMatt said...

Hey Susannah, thanks for stopping by!

I wanted to keep it fairly broad to start with. If I'd have listed 'Christian' would that have included Catholics or not? There are plenty who say they aren't real Christians and plenty who say they are.

I would also have had to include each of the major world religions to be fair (though I don't expect there are many Hindus lurking in these parts!).

My main interest was in seeing what the split of atheist/theist was because I spend a fair amount of time on both sets of blogs and forums.

To be honest, I'm assuming that all the theist votes Christian anyway.


Da Pilgrim said...

Theist is good. It means simply a belief in a personal God as far as I know, one that has active working in this world/universe.
I chose "theist" on the poll.

Susannah said...

Matt~ "If I'd have listed 'Christian' would that have included Catholics or not?"

Hmm...never even considered that. Of course they're Christian; don't know anyone who condsiders 'them' otherwise.

My precious friend (83 y/o, born/raised in Ireland, now a US citiz.) is naturally Catholic - and one of the deepest Christian faithful people in my life.

ExPatMatt said...


I'm sure there are many, many deeply faithful and true Christians who happen to be members of the Catholic church. As I'm sure there are with any denomination you care to name.

However, many of these same people will be quick to point out that those that are members of a different denomination to them are worshiping an idol (I know Ray Comfort has accused Catholicism of being idol-worship a number of times), not the true God.

Anyway, that was what I wanted to avoid by being too specific (although I could have said 'follower of Christ', I guess, but then 'theist' fits better into the poll structure...).

Let's assume theist = Christian, eh? Problem solved!

Susannah said...

Who's Ray Comfort?

Never heard of him.

Chris Geiser said...


check out Ray Comfort's blog at
to see who he is, he is a faithful follower of Christ who obeys Jesus' command to tell others about Him and the kingdom to come.

Chris Geiser said...

Hey Expat,

I voted theist on your poll, I still check out your blog from time to time. The Ray Re-tractor's blog ended over a year ago now, crazy.

ExPatMatt said...

Susannah, I do not endorse or recommend Ray Comfort's blog - it's a black hole of stupidity and ignorance that it is very difficult to escape from.


Yeah, we evolved into the smrt forum;

Check it out, you might like it!

Da Pilgrim said...

must be due for another post soon ay Matt? :)

ExPatMatt said...

I know, I know! It's on the way!

Work has been crazy for the past couple of weeks.

I'll get 'round to it soon though - thanks for the prod!

No Doubt said...

Hey Matt,

Sorry, I missed your poll. As I said on my blog, been busy too. I know it's late, but put me in for theist. That means, by your poll, more theists visit your blog that atheist. LOL Just messing with you.


Lissie Darcy said...

Oh friend, where hath thee gone..??

Well anyways, hi. And you need to post. :(


Ps. Do you have a facebook? Jusssst wondering...

Jim said...


Thanks for visiting Susannah's site and offering your observations and probing "questions." ;-)

Keep it up!

Susannah said...

Matt~ Yes thanks, as always, for coming by & for your comments.

Jim~ Matt is pretty cool, ya?

Jim said...


ExPatMatt said...


Very sorry for not responding, I don't spend very much time on my blog and, because there's no moderation, I don't get notifications.

Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the kind words!

Jim, I guess you phrased it "questions" because you have noticed my tendency to ask questions as a means to cause people to think about why thy hold the position they do, rather than as a means of learning?

That's not to say that I don't learn from the questions themselves as well - I am woefully uninformed about US politics - but I find people's motivations and passions so much more interesting!


Mike Dubue said...

hi. mike dubue here - manager from the mayfair theatre. thank you for sticking up for me on wayne dawg's blog. he won't post any of my comments. paul latour finally posted my comment so i can better explain myself. he never even asked me if i was a christian. this whole scenario really effected me and i shouldn't of gotten angry, but i did. i have valid reasons for my concerns and as i stated, paul finally posted my comment.



ExPatMatt said...

Hey Mike, no problem!

I do think you should have made a greater effort to understand what he was doing (though I can certainly understand the assumption that he was protesting the film!).

As you can see, the persecution complex has taken a strong hold now!

If I may ask; are you a Christian? If so, what do you make of their evangelical efforts? If not, what do you make of their evangelical efforts? ;)

I've been commenting on Wayne's blog for quite a while now and have a good rapport with him; I hope he can see that I was just trying to be even-handed in this situation.


Da Pilgrim said...

Very sorry for not responding, I don't spend very much time on my blog and, because there's no moderation, I don't get notifications.

You can have it set up so that it emails you when someone makes a comment with no moderation. That way you can find comments on old posts as well :)

But you probably already knew that.

Da Pilgrim said...
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Dan said...

Sorry I missed your poll. My blogging has been curtailed by choice.

Dan said...

Wow just noticed that this took place before my blogging was curtailed. Ha! Still didn't see it.


I'll put you on my google reader list should you decide to post again.

Da Pilgrim said...

Whatsup EPM? Busy...?

Anonymous said...

This isn't related to the above - it just the only way of communication!

I just thought you might be interested in this series of programs on Channel 4 - tho' don't know if you can view the 'On Demand' internet version outside of the UK (my brother can't always play stuff I suggest - he lives in Dubai).

It follows the history of science looking at British scientists - from Newton, to Darwin, to Hawkin. It's been very good!



Jim said...

FYI, what Susannah found offensive and a personal attack was that I suggested a bumper sticker for her car regarding "American Exceptionalism":

"America: Our s#@t don't stink"

Some people have no sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

LOL. You got schooled on the blog FishWithTrish.

Anonymous said...

Hey old friend,

I wanted to stop by and say hello!

Hope your doing well.

God Bless :)

Da Pilgrim said...

Hey EPM, you still around anywhere? Miss the convo's

zilch said...

Hey, Matt- are you still alive and/or kicking?

cheers from cool Vienna, zilch

Hunter said...

Whatsup EPM? Busy...?

Da Pilgrim said...

Come back Matt! Haven't heard from you in AGES!

Tim said...

Checking in on you friend. haven't heard from you in almost two years or so. Hope life is being good to you.

Daniel Tattersall said...

Yeah Matt, hope all is well! Would be awesome to catch up

zilch said...

Here I am again. Matt- are you still with us? Cheers from cool (can't heat- had a chimney fire) Vienna, Scott (zilch)